Monday, 16 February 2015

Indicator Y s2281 L1801.0 - SAR In Afternoon Sessions

FCPO short 2281 will probably do its stop and reverse buy trade in afternoon sessions (4pm 5pm or 6pm) after seeing cpo futures prices kept trading above 2300 in the morning trading sessions. How much will be the losses for the short 2281 if the stop and reverse trade signal is triggered in the afternoon session following the short term indicator Y trading guides?

Fundamental news - Export duty is waived again in March! First 20-day export figures still weak! Ringgit strengthen! Dalian up!

FKLI long 1801 will find "no" stop and reverse trade signal yet. We will post the new stop and reverse trade as early as possible we can but we wish that readers traders can understand that there is a delay update due to unforeseen circumstances!