Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Indicator Y s2255 L1801.0 - Lower SAR On FCPO

Due to the clause " without taking into consideration on any unforeseen circumstances...", the short term indicator Y on cpo futures long 2312 was cut loss and turn short 2255 at 1230pm yesterday which is basically lower than anticipated earlier.

Therefore, the FCPO short 2255 is the sell signal now until the next stop and reverse buy trade signal is triggered.

2255 short (instead of 2264 short) against 2312 long had generated 57 points of loss in a single trade. Total 86 points of losses in just 2 trades will probably wide out many novice traders!?

No point talking about profit if a technical trend trader cannot withstand the multiple losing trades. To know the details for the accumulated profit of February, read back the previous post or wait until early of next month where we will update readers traders about the February performance.

FKLI long 1801 is facing pressure now that will probably see a stop and reverse sell trade signal being triggered in the morning trading sessions today if the index futures is trading lower than the closing price 1810.