Thursday, 26 February 2015

Indicator Y s2255 L1801.0 - The Afternoon's SAR On FKLI FCPO

Unless the index futures is traded below today's low 1812, the indicator Y long 1801 on FKLI will have to carry overnight again toward expiry date that is tomorrow before deciding on the rollover level according to the short term technical trend indicator Y trading guides.

As the stop and reverse sell trade signal is getting lower near to 1805 we will only post a new stop and reverse sell trade signal once there is a clear signal again.

FCPO short 2255 is having 15 points of floating losses now at 2270. The 5pm stop and reverse buy trade signal on the indicator Y will be very clear once the cpo futures price is traded above 2270 at 4pm later today. It will go below 2300 if cpo futures price is last traded above 2270 at 4pm today.