Friday, 6 February 2015

Indicator Y Long 2248 Long 1806.0 - The Floating Losses

As we have said many times before, profit taking will never be an important issue to discuss since they are always profits and it is up to trader's own greed and fear. We just focus on stop and reverse trade signals in this cpo futures blog.

However, floating losses is a real issue that is testing a trader's discipline. For example, the long 1806 on FKLI seeing price dropped to below 1790 at a time that created a floating loss of 16 index points was a painful job that could affect trader's trading discipline.

Seeing low 2106 on cpo futures and turned long 2248 was also a painful job even though the stop and reverse trade was still a profit trade. Think about it! Read back the recent posts to find the trade details.

Remember, what is written here in this blog is having an intention for readers traders to do own soul searching and wish readers traders can find something good in practicing to be disciplined traders. Especially, readers traders who have purchased our books, read the books 100 times is much better than read 100 books! The more than 200 points of realized profit and floating profit as of today for this year 2015 should be able to buy a lot of our books already!