Thursday, 12 February 2015

Indicator Y L2248 s1792.5 - Sell If 1130am Below 2340

Yes, it is 2340! The indicator Y long 2248 will have to do a stop and reverse sell trade once cpo futures price is last traded 2339 or lower at 1130am today in the morning trading session. Therefore, it is quite certain that the stop and reverse see trade signal will be triggered at 1130am today.

Eye on 1130am price and we will post the stop and reverse selling price once we have it.

Unless there is unforeseen circumstances that may happen before 1130am like the meeting of government with bio-diesel and oil palm industry people today!

FKLI short 1792.5 is finding no stop and reverse buy trade signal today according to the short term technical trend indicator Y trading guides. As in record for February, the accumulated losses is 27 index points when the indicator Y turned short 1792.5.