Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Indicator Y L2248 L1806.0 - Why Worry Manipulation?

As technical trend traders, readers traders should always remember that fundamental news or data can never be estimated by you correctly and will always have a kind of mindset that they can be easily manipulated in favour to big boys! So, why you want to keep reading and collecting such information?

Simple, they are important to be kept in our own record for long term view and make own comparison whether these information have any weight affecting our technical trend indicators! MPOB bullish data on yesterday had been expected quite some time, and the bullish data have no impact in pushing up the market on cpo futures! why? manipulation?

Without your technical trend indicators, will you jump in to buy cpo futures at 3pm yesterday after the bullish data? Think it yourself, whether you are still a technical trend trader? Did your indicator ask you buy at 3pm?

Technically, the indicator Y long 2248 is still struggling with a good floating profit that hit high 2357 at one time and still finding NO stop and reverse sell trade signal yet on today update. Will it be a loss when it turns sell?

FKLI long 1806 based on the short term technical trend indicator Y trading guides is really struggling on the long position since the index futures prices was kept trading below its long! It may have a stop and reverse sell trade signal in the afternoon trading sessions if the index futures is traded below 1800 in the morning trading sessions today.