Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Indicator Y L2248 L1806.0 - 4pm SAR 1792.5

After making 110 index points in January and mentioning about multiple losing trades, we finally saw 2 losing trades in this February on fkli index futures based on the short term indicator Y trading guides.

Indicator Y long 1806 had to cut loss turn selling 1792.5 at 4pm just now. We had given the stop and reverse trade signal in previous post and therefore we are expecting readers traders understand what did we mean on the "sell if 4pm below 1800" in previous post.

FCPO long 2248 is still struggling on the long position and the 5pm stop and reverse sell trade signal will be below 2288 without taking into consideration any unforeseen circumstances like higher high lower low. Check yourself what will be the last traded price on cpo futures at 5pm!

((amendment at 415pm... 2288 is not the stop and reverse sell trade signal at 5pm, it is a wrong update and we apologize on that. We will give the 6pm stop and reverse trade signal after 5pm which mean the long 2248 will still be holding on at 5pm!))