Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Black Day, Manipulation Happen?

This is a black day for the 52% of Malaysian today, denting Malaysia global reputation, in following the court case of the opposition leader who had been found guilty in the sodomy case.

Manipulation? everywhere? futures trading is always having such a perception! MPOB figures is released today with production 1.16mt down 15%, stocks 1.77mt down 12% and export 1.18mt down 22%.

The question is why the previous 6 months export data in Intertek and SGS had much lower data than MPOB export data but today's export data in MPOB has data near to what was released by Intertek and SGS? Manipulation? What about production and stocks, do your own soul searching!?

Technically, FKLI FCPO short term indicator Y is still finding no stop and reverse sell trade signals today unless FKLI index futures is keep trading below 1800 and FCPO below 2300. Once there is a clear trade signal, we will post a write-up on the stop and reverse trade price. 

(TQ for the "black day" vs "dark day"!)