Friday, 2 January 2015

The Start Of Year 2015 For Indicator Y

Happy New Year to all readers traders, it is believed that the last three months write-ups in year 2014 did open the eyes for all in learning the multiple losing trades according to the hourly indicator Y trading guides on short term technical trend CPO Futures trading, squeezing out a lot of profits and seriously affecting the performance for the year 2014 from over 1000 points at a time to less than 750 points of accumulated profits due to November December multiple losing trades.

As a start from year 2015, we forget about the past year 2014 and begin with fresh again. This is because we wish to systematically calculate the performance for the year 2015 like what we did in year 2014, year after year and month after month according to one contract size basis. 

Remember the good and bad of indicator Y, and especially the 5x capital margin (or risk) ratio? Taking out the profit of the year 2014, start again with RM20,000 for one contract size (that is the 5x captial risk ratio). This is because we will systematically know what will be the performance of the year 2015 at the end of December 2015. (Will have to start with 20k together with the Floating Profit or Loss position carried forward from the last stop and reverse trade, that is, the long 2153)

We wish to mention again on the stop and reverse trade signal that no longer being given one hour in advance and we will only post the stop and reverse trade only after it has been triggered. Write-up will also be very short without much explanation as we are expecting readers traders should have been knowing well what is all about after following our CPO Futures blog for the past few months (or years!) especially on indicator Y. Those who used the 101indicators On Futures Trading book had a very good year in 2014 but please do not be over excited as you may have the same bad timing like what happened in October 2014. 

Wishing readers traders have a good trading year ahead. Be a disciplined trader.