Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Indicator Y Short 2331 Long 1728.5 - A High Spirit Of Trading

Even though the emails we received will always be private and confidential, we hereby wish to thank all readers traders who gave us such a high credit to us and motivated us in such a high spirit to continue writing about futures trading on Bursa Malaysia Derivatives.

Just remember, when we do not publish any stop and reverse trade signal, it is not meant that there is no stop and reverse trade signal. All is because either there stop and reverse trade signal is too far away, or we are "late" in publishing the trade signal to readers traders!

The FKLI FCPO short term technical trend indicator Y is having a real good round for this month and a good start for year 2015. Hitting the low of 2170 on cpo futures yesterday and high 1817.5 on fkli index futures today while still holding on their positions respectively.

Read back the previous post, the stop and reverse trade signals will be far away from the low or high one day when it comes! Watch out!