Monday, 19 January 2015

Indicator Y Short 2331 - 2 Wins 3 Losses

After the 2 wins 3 losses, the short term indicator Y is holding on the short 2331 after change of contract month issue happened. Read back the previous posts for better understanding.

The accumulated profits for the month of January as at the last short 2331 is 108 points which had affected by the last 2 losing trades (+131 -9 +55 -26 -43). The indicator Y had 5 stop and reverse trade signals for this month so far which is considered high too.

There is a far away stop and reverse buy trade signal for the short 2331 and it is therefore believed that the short 2331 will have to stay on for some time.

((The FKLI long 1728.5 is still holding on until today, but, may soon be turning sell signal if FKLI level is traded negative today))