Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Indicator Y Long 2293 - No Profit Targets

New readers traders in this CPO Futures blog must understand that we will not set any profit taking targets for the indicator Y because we believe that profit taking targets will totally based on traders' own trading rhythm and the "fear and greed".

We will basically use the indicator Y trading guides in providing the stop and reverse trade signal when the signal is triggered and published in the CPO Futures blog. We will try our best to post the latest update on the stop and reverse trade signal once it is triggered. However, we wish to apologize also if there is a delay.

If there is no new stop and reverse trade signal is given, we will assume that the indicator Y will stay on its last position when it is triggered which mean the indicator Y is holding on long 2293 as given in last few posts until there is a next stop and reverse sell trade signal.

((The FKLI short 1740.5 is still holding on and readers traders must know that the next stop and reverse trade signal will only be given when it is triggered and there is a new post being published))