Monday, 1 December 2014

Indicator Y Short 2161 - Bring Over To December

The profit or loss of short 2161 based on the hourly indicator Y trading guides last Friday will have to bring forward to December so that we can systematically calculate the performance of monthly accumulated profit and loss on the short term technical trend trading.

Think of taking away on the profit made in early November, we will concentrate more on the multiple losing trades 247 points in total for the past 6 losing trades. We will see whether the hourly indicator Y can make back all the losses in December or not, or how many trades it needs to recover all the 247 points of losses while keeping record for the December accumulated profit or loss.

In this December, Our motto or target is to see how will be the losses recovered; if cannot be recovered, how long will it take to see a better result?

The hourly indicator Y short 2161 will not get its stop and reverse buy trade signal in this morning trading sessions and will probably no also for the afternoon sessions without taking consideration of higher high lower low data.

Just for some soul searching, as at last update in this blog, Ringgit Weaken above 3.40, Dalian Palm Olein Tumble 200 points, Soybean Oil Futures electronic trading down 40 points, Crude Oil Tumble to 64 level. All seem in favor to the short 2161 now except Ringgit.

Eye on the export figures today from Intertek and SGS.