Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Indicator Y Short 2161 - 1130am And 1230pm Trade View

It will be the same old story like previous post, that is, the hourly indicator Y short 2161 finds no stop and reverse buy trade signal at 1130am and 1230pm today, creating fear even though it may avoid unnecessary whipsaw prices that can trigger false signals.

Again, it is sometimes good to train traders' mentality in managing own fear that a trade without stop and reverse trade signal, even though there is actually a signal which is ridiculously far away that no trader will dare to do stop and reverse trade at the particular level.

After December, we will probably not keep publishing our updates on the hourly indicator Y trading guides as high frequent as now which we wish that readers traders can understand that it is really not easy to write post day after day consistently.

We wish readers traders who have purchased our books that keep reading our books more than 100 times! You will be a disciplined trader in cpo futures trading.

We will close our survey box one day earlier and therefore please post your comments by latest tomorrow afternoon. We wish to thank again to readers traders who did write us some good comments.