Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Indicator Y Short 2141 - Last 10 Trading Days

Again, knowing that not much profit (but not losses!) can be recorded in the last 10 trading days in the year 2014 spreadsheet, readers traders should bear in mind that the hourly indicator Y's write-up may not be as frequent as before. This had been kept mentioning in our last few posts and focus will be more on the preparation of the year 2015.

As low 2107, the hourly short 2141 is having small floating profit now but it is still far away from the breakeven point at 2000 level in order to recover all the accumulated losses of December.

Assume that the short 2141 will only be covered and turned long in year 2015, we can basically say that the performance of year 2014 is ended here with a total profit of RM18,250 per contract size from its 5x risk capital of RM20,000 per contract size basis. Remember, it is just a gross profit of 730 points from 800 points seed capital per contract size basis.

If 200 points is the trading cost, the profit of year 2014 will be 530 points over its seed capital 800 points which is about 66% rate of return less than the targeted 100%  yearly rate of return due to the multiple losing trades in November December.