Friday, 19 December 2014

Indicator Y Short 2141 - 4pm Trade View And SAR

The hourly indicator Y short 2141 had a trading range between 2150 and 2127 that not far away from the short position but cpo futures price was closed above 2141 at 1230pm in the morning trading session that started putting more pressure on the short since the next few trading sessions will see the stop and reverse buy trade signal being adjusted lower and lower if cpo futures price is kept trading above the short 2141.

The short 2141 will have to cut loss turn buying if cpo futures price is last traded 2168 or higher at 4pm later today based on the hourly indicator Y trading guides (otherwise, hold on the short). This will be the 11th multiple losing trade if the stop and reverse buy trade signal is triggered at 4pm.

Again, the assumption is made without taking into consideration of any higher high lower low data and also unforeseen circumstances like what did happen before in in the past few posts that we did mention.