Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Indicator Y Short 2141 - 10th Multiple Losing Trade

It will definitely the worst of the year in 2014 seeing 10 multiple losing trades based on the hourly indicator Y trading guides. How much is the damage?

Near RM10,000 per contract of losses will definitely kill many short term technical trend traders because it has more than 3x the capital risk ratio that many technical trend traders like to use.

At 1230pm, the hourly indicator Y finally cut loss 45 points and turned selling 2141. Again, there will be no stop and reverse buy trade signals for next few trading sessions after the hourly indicator Y turns its stop and reverse trade.

The 10 losing trades in a row had generated 383 points of accumulated losses or RM9,575 per contract size since early November while it is the 4th losing trades in December with 137 points of accumulated losses! Read back previous posts, readers traders may find out that November's accumulated loss was written at 130 points (1 profit trade against 6 losing trades) but December now has accumulated losses over 130 points in 4 losing trades!

From now on, hold on the short 2141.