Monday, 15 December 2014

Indicator Y Long 2185 - Last 12 Trading Days

Knowing that not much profit (but not losses!) can be generated in the last 12 trading days, readers traders should bear in mind that the hourly indicator Y consistently write-up may not be as frequent as before. This had been mentioned in the last few posts and focus will be more on the preparation of the year 2015.

Finding no stop and reverse trade signal will be still the issue today and we will publish a new post one hour in advance if we have a very clear signal, as promised for this last 12 days. Otherwise, the long 2185 will be remained for the whole day and carry forward overnight again.

After turning long 2185, the cpo futures price was traded high 2216 and low 2165.

How many stop and reverse trade signal will be seen in this last 12 trading days? We had seen 3 in December (-92 points) so far, 7 in November (-130 points) and 4 in October (+14 points).

Remember the accumulated losses in the multiple losing trades? Look back the previous posts.