Friday, 12 December 2014

Indicator Y Long 2185 - 60% Greed 40% Fear Again

If readers traders did follow and read the previous posts, you should be knowing what is the above title about or read here again...

The percentage of greed and fear is just a kind of simple measurement in this CPO Futures blog for testing readers traders trading psychology. We know, normally, when there is a no stop and reverse trade signal after a trade is triggered may generate more fear than greed. However, we wish to reverse the mentality - create more greed than fear when a trade is triggered or at least 50:50 game.

When the hourly indicator Y was triggered yesterday by turning long 2185, we did mention about no stop and reverse trade signal in next hourly trading sessions. This is a kind of fear that technical trend traders normally worry about, but, we like to emphasize on greed so that traders can overcome fear. Therefore, let's have 60% greed and 40% fear over again!

The long 2185 will probably have a long journey of greed and fear since there is no stop and reverse trade signal will be generated here for readers traders to take it down until we think and very sure it is the clear signal. Remember, it is 339 points of losses, break-even level and the summary of indicator Y will be main topics that will be kept discussing for the coming posts.