Thursday, 11 December 2014

Indicator Y Long 2185 - 339 Points Of Multiple Losing Trades

When the hourly indicator Y took a stop and reverse buy trade at 5pm just now, the multiple losing trades had incurred an accumulated losses of 339 points in total based on per contract size basis which meant the hourly indicator Y suffered RM8,475 losses per contract size due to the 9 losing trades in a row since early November.

As for December, the multiple losing trades has so far accumulated 92 points of losses per contract size.

The accumulated profit for year 2014 has been much affected and we will post the full details on the performance in our summary of indicator Y by end of this year. Readers traders may look back and do own summary from the previous posts if eagerly to know now!

The 339 points to break-even issue, the long 2185 will need to see the cpo futures price is traded at above 2500! What a long journey!

We will keep posting new update until the multiple losing trades ended by a good profit stop and reverse trade.

However, we will probably post all the stop and reverse trade NOT one hour in advance any more from the beginning of year 2015. We wish readers traders can understand it is really not easy keep writing updates like what we did for the past few months consistently.

Readers traders who have purchased our books should have now gaining all the knowledge, skill and understanding what is all about in the books. Read them 100 times! You will be a disciplined trader.