Friday, 5 December 2014

Indicator Y Long 2163 - High 2179 Low 2154

After turning long 2163, the hourly indicator Y has been trading in the range of between 2179 high and 2154 low with no stop and reverse trade signal being published in this CPO Futures blog. It is believed that the stop and reverse trade signal will be still far below the long 2163 in the next few hourly trading sessions.

Remember 249 points of losses, and less than 5 stop and reverse trades in this month as mentioned earlier?

Break-even only above 2400 and cpo futures price is still below 2200!

5 stop and reverse trades may not be real if it is a right trend, December will probably only get 1 stop and reverse trade that is 2 points of loss and the long 2163 will be carry forward to next year 2015! Build the greed and set aside fear for now! A long long journey!