Thursday, 4 December 2014

Indicator Y Long 2163 - Build The Greed, Fear Aside

If 249 points of losses per contract size did not affect your psychological fear in futures trading, you are building yourself to be another disciplined trader in coming years and all the best to you.

Without a stop and reverse trade signal can always make traders in fear while forget the greed that actually very important in futures trading too. Do some soul searching yourself why I say that!

To break-even from the 249 points of losses, the cpo futures price is basically going to reach or trade above 2400 level in order to have a real technical trend trading theory. Will cpo futures price reach 2400? A long journey that will reach but how many stop and reverse trade signals or will never reach! Build the greed while set aside the fear for now since there is no stop and reverse trade signal in next few hourly trading sessions.