Thursday, 4 December 2014

Indicator Y Long 2163 - The 7th Losing Trade

The hourly indicator Y short 2161 had finally cut loss 2 points and turned long 2163 at 1230pm just now. It is the 7th multiple losing trades in a row accumulated 249 points in total losses or equivalent to $6225 losses per contract size.

Can a trader take such a pressure without good capital risk ratio that we kept emphasizing in the past few months! Search back the history of CPO Futures blog tracking on another indicator, 12 (or even more) losing trades, readers traders will have big surprise but good learning curve if you wish to be a technical trend trader!

The long 2163 based on the hourly indicator Y trading guides will have no stop and reverse sell trade signals especially in the next few hourly trading sessions. As mentioned before, the journey of fear and greed will start over again by holding on long from now onward until next stop and reverse trade signal.