Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Indicator Y Long 2153 - Last 2 Trading Days

The hourly indicator Y long 2153 will have to 2 more trading days to see whether there is a stop and reverse sell trade signal or not in order to record down its profit or loss for the year 2014.

However, it seems that the long 2153 will have to be carried forward to year 2015 and the profit or loss will only be recorded for the year 2015, not for year 2014. This is because the hourly indicator Y is still having the stop and reverse sell trade signal at very low end, it will not be able to turn sell unless the cpo futures price is traded more than 30 points lower against the closing price in next few trading sessions to get its stop and reverse trade signal being adjusted higher.

We will post an update once there is a clear trade signal.

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