Wednesday, 31 December 2014

December Profit And Loss

Assume that there is no stop and reverse sell trade signal is triggered in the afternoon sessions, the monthly accumulated profit and loss for the month of December will be recorded at -148 which means the hourly indicator Y will incur an accumulated loss of 148 points in December as at market close today (-2-34-56-44-12 = -148).

Just refer back all the December posts and readers traders will get the numbers.

November accumulated loss was 130 points while October did a small accumulated profit of 14 points only.

For those who practice according to the 101indicators On Futures Trading book will accumulate 46 points of profits in December and had a small accumulated profit of 25 points in November while experiencing huge loss of 131 points in October due to the multiple losing trades in the hourly short term technical trend trading.

As for the past 12 months, the accumulated profit for the hourly indicator Y has lowered to 718 points in total while the accumulated profit according to the book has marginally up to 966 points as at market close today.

We will publish the summary of year 2014 later evening and wish that all readers traders will pick up something good for their trading year 2015.