Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Where Is CPO Futures Price When Crude Oil At 80

It is just a simple mathematical calculation in comparing cpo futures prices against crude oil prices.

Based on historical data, assume that the crude oil and cpo futures in July 2008 was 124 and 3550 respectively...

If crude oil price at 80, cpo futures price will be 2290.

If crude oil price is 79, cpo futures price is 2261.
If crude oil price is 78, cpo futures price is 2233.
If crude oil price is 77, cpo futures price is 2205.
If crude oil price is 76, cpo futures price is 2175.
If crude oil price is 75, cpo futures price is 2147.

It is just based on simple assumption on the above two oils, without taking consideration of other factors like currency, supply and demand.