Friday, 21 November 2014

We Need Your Comments On CPO Futures Blog

Be good or bad comments, we seriously need them for a plan in year 2015 commitment. Please put in your comments or views about CPO Futures blog in the survey box in helping you or other readers traders for better reading trade updates in the coming year 2015. The survey box has been posted today for readers traders to put in their respective comments.

The survey is kept purely for CPO Futures blog own future write-up and will NOT be used for any marketing purposes or disclose to any 3rd parties. Therefore, we wish all readers traders spare some of your precious time to input some comments.

The comments will not be published. Do not worry about your grammatical errors, there are many successful cpo futures traders without good English grammar.
The hourly indicator Y survey did get good participating from readers traders in CPO Futures blog.
  • The question: " Do you wish to read the update of indicator Y in year 2014 ? ", and 
  • The answer: " 91% Yes ". (It helped shaping the Pac-Man!!!)
From the above result, we wish the "NO" readers traders can also provide some inputs as your inputs may really help the 91% who say "YES" and read the CPO Futures blog.

Many thanks and best regards.