Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Indicator Y Short 2223 - SAR Above 2249 High

It is like a kind of psychology and physical training on seeing the cpo futures prices traded between 2227 and 2211 level. Sit tight and wait for the stop and reverse trade signal to be set in clear mode, readers traders will have to be patient enough as the SAR above 2249 high is basically won't be the exact level for cut loss turn long yet.

Therefore, even cpo futures price is traded above 2249 at 4pm sharp, that short 2223 will still have to hold on until 5pm based on the hourly indicator Y trading guides which the 5pm stop and reverse buy signal will be given after 4pm but definitely before 5pm for readers traders to read.

If cpo futures price is between 2234 and 2249 at 4pm later today, the hourly indicator Y will probably adjust its 5pm stop and reverse buy signal below 2249.