Friday, 21 November 2014

Indicator Y Short 2223 - Multiple Losing Trades

The past 4 losing trades that being always categorized as multiple losing trades in this cpo futures blog had accumulated losses 153 points which had been the new record in year 2014, and the amount of losses is even more than the 5 losing trades in April of 140 points.

Just forget about the profit since it is more important to monitor losses especially in this hourly indicator Y short term technical trend trading updates.

If the hourly indicator Y short 2223 cut loss turn long in next few trading sessions, it will match the number of losing trades in April and readers traders finally see the discussion being brain-stormed all this while since October with own eyes. It will definitely be a painful experience in huge losses being hit continuously 5 trades in a row and traders may be wiped out if there is not sufficient money to support the trading.

There will be no stop and reverse buy trade signals at 4pm and probably even at 5pm also. However, there will be a very clear stop and reverse buy trade signal at 6pm if cpo futures price is kept trading near 2250 or even higher at 5pm. We will publish a post to update the stop and reverse buy trade signal once there is a clear signal for that particular trading time.