Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Indicator Y Short 2222 - Day 3 Floating Losses

After seeing high 2234 yesterday, the hourly indicator Y short 2222 is still suffering a floating loss even though it is less as compared to previous trade. Will it be another losing trade when its stop and reverse buy signal is triggered in next future!?

The hourly indicator Y is having far away stop and reveres buy signal and can be saying that there is no stop and reverse buy trade signal yet in the morning trading sessions today. Update will be available once there is a clear trade signal.

It is basically still a profit for the month of November but had been so much lesser after facing the last 2 losing trades. Profit 117, Loss 24 and 56, and therefore it is still 37 points of accumulated profit in this month. (Refer back previous posts for the stop and reverse trades and readers traders will be able to find the figures. )