Friday, 14 November 2014

Indicator Y Short 2222 - Day 1 Recap

After turning sell 2222 at 1130am, the hourly indicator Y short 2222 will always find no stop and reverse trade signals or will not be available in the first few trading sessions as the same in all the previous posts being mentioned. Remember, the last 2 trades had a total loss of 80 points or RM2,000 per contract size. It is not important to mention the profit yet.

Good is avoiding whipsaw market while bad is trader's fear will be tremendous!

Again, just to repeat, it is believed that the hourly indicator Y short 2222 will probably not be able to find the stop and reverse buy trade signals at 4pm, 5pm and even 6pm today. It is good to see the fear and greed over and over again from the new short 2222.