Friday, 28 November 2014

Indicator Y Short 2161 - 4pm Trading View

There will be no stop and reverse buy trade signal at 4pm later today based on the hourly indicator Y trading guides. It had turned selling 2161 at 1130am this morning, with a loss in a single trade of 78 points against its previous long 2239. The 78 points of loss is the biggest losing trade ever recorded in this year.

It is believed that there will probably no stop and reverse buy trade signal at 5pm and 6pm today also if cpo futures price is traded between 2179 and 2150 in the afternoon session. Update will be given once there is a clear trade signal.

The 7 stop and reverse trades in November is also the biggest number in this year. There were only two months in February and March where it was recorded with only ONE stop and reverse trade respectively, while the balance eight months had a range between 2 to 6 stop and reverse trades per month. What will be the number for December?