Monday, 3 November 2014

Indicator Y - November Starts With 169 Points Profit

Readers traders who follow the hourly indicator Y trading guides should know that the long 2137 on 21/10/2014 had been carried forward to this November month that affected the accumulated profits for October month. (Read back previous post if no sure)

The November will start with 169 points of "floating profit" due to the long 2137 that is still held on until today based on the hourly indicator Y trading guides. It is believed that there will no stop and reverse sell trade signals for 1130am and 1230pm today even though the profit is good for the long 2137. (It is very common that the stop and reverse trade signal is far away from good floating profit when it happens! Readers traders will understand when there is a stop and reverse sell trade signal being triggered in next trade which will be published in due course.)

Will it reach 2337 or 200 points of profit after cpo futures price was closed above 2300?