Thursday, 13 November 2014

Indicator Y Long 2278 - If CPO Futures Below 2220

It will probably be the biggest losing trade in this year for the hourly indicator Y in single trade if cpo futures price is traded below 2220 in next few trading sessions that may trigger the stop and reverse sell signal!

The hourly indicator Y did experience a single bad trade near to 60 points of losses and more than 130 points of multiple losing trade in a row for the past ten months in year 2014.

As mentioned in previous post, the hourly indicator Y had made a loss of 24 points when it turned long 2278. If the hourly indicator Y long 2278 is a losing trade when the stop and reverse sell signal is triggered, it will be the second losing trade.

It is believed that there will be no stop and reverse sell trade signal at 4pm later today even though the cpo futures price was closed 2238 down 21 points at 1230pm just now. The hourly indicator Y long 2278 is now losing 40 points!