Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Indicator Y Long 2259 - It Is The 3rd Losing Trade

After struggling for the last few trading sessions, the hourly indicator Y short 2222 finally cut loss 30 over points and turned long 2259 at 1130am just now which was traded much higher than the 1130am stop and reverse buy trade signal 2229 given in previous post according to the hourly indicator Y trading guides on short term technical trend trading.

We will start looking on the long 2259 from now onward as this is the 4th stop and reverse trade of this month. 1 profit and 3 losing trades.

Accumulated losses in 3 trades reached over 100 points and November's accumulated profits had substantially turned to be " losses " in the 4 stop and reverse trades.

Read back all the previous posts as this write-up is urgently published to mention the stop and reverse trade signal at 1130am and have no time to give the full details on time.