Thursday, 20 November 2014

Indicator Y Long 2259 - Day 2 On Trading View

Read back the previous post - "Indicator Y Before The Long 2133" - in the learning corner on the right column, or click HERE, readers traders should be able to find the hourly indicator Y trading performance in year 2014 ended September before we started writing and posting updates on the hourly indicator Y.

If readers traders read in details, do your simple calculation, you should be realize that the hourly indicator Y did well in first 8 months and incurred losses of 34 points in September. As we still prefer to look into the multiple losing trades, you should be able to find also the bright Yellow highlighted figures especially in the month of April where the multiple losing trades incurred 140 points of losses in total 5 losing trades. There was one profit trade 181 points in early April being carried forward from March and therefore helped the indicator Y remained profitable in April month. (We still not see the biggest losing month yet which did happen few years ago.)

Traders' wisdom - " Profit will automatically come to you once you can get through the fear of multiple losing trades.

After following updates from October, readers traders should keep reading back all the previous posts in order to pick up some trading ideas and do your own homework in order to start your own data collection, day after day, month after month, year after year, and then only talk about trading success in technical trend trading.

We will post the stop and reverse sell trade signal  one hour in advance once there is a clear signal; Otherwise, the long 2259 will be remained based on the hourly indicator Y trading guides.