Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Indicator Y Long 2259 - 1 Profit 3 Losing Trades

Firstly, we wish to thank readers traders participating in our survey, please pick your choice by clicking YES or NO for those who still hesitate, in making the survey a success. The survey will be ended this Friday.

The long 2259 based on the hourly indicator Y trading guides will hardly find its stop and reverse sell trade signals in next few trading sessions. Readers traders followed the updates since October should know it better.

The multiple losing trades had finally wipe out all the 117 points profit that the hourly indicator Y sold in the early of November. Coincidentally, the losing trades 24, 56 and 37 points in the last 3 trades  had the same figures of the 117 points in total 3 trades against the profit in 1 trade! Theoretically, they are break even, they are however not in real trading environment since there is a cost in trading and slippage of prices in rollover.