Thursday, 27 November 2014

Indicator Y Long 2239 - Morning Recap

After turning long 2239 at 6pm yesterday, the hourly indicator Y is now having floating loss again without able to set a stop and reverse sell trade signal based on the hourly indicator Y trading guides which is basically used to avoid the whipsaw market. The only problem is the fear where traders have to tackle with since there is no stop and reverse trade signal!

It is not just the indicator Y, there are many technical trend indicators have such a feature that have far away stop and reverse trade signal after a trade is triggered.

At low 2217, the hourly indicator Y long 2239 will have a floating loss of 22 points or $550 per contact size. Added to the total of 169 points of the last 5 losing trades, it will be 191 points of losses or $4775 per contract size. Fear or not!

We try avoid to talk about the profit so that readers traders can really learn about the multiple losing trades in trading cpo futures especially using technical trend indicators.