Thursday, 27 November 2014

Indicator Y Long 2239 - The 5th Losing Trade

Yes, it is the 5th losing trade after the hourly indicator Y short 2223 had finally cut loss 16 points and turned long 2239 at 6pm close yerterday.

The hourly indicator Y will hold on the long 2239 from now onward without its stop and reverse sell trade signals in first few hourly trading sessions. Update will be given once there is a clearer sign of the stop and reverse trade signal.

Multiple losing trades in last 5 trades had created accumulated loss of 52 points for this November month while generating total 169 points of losses in the last 5 trades that enough to kill traders who have not set a good capital risk ratio in trading cpo futures using technical trend indicators. Just go to the right column, learning corner, to read more about the indicator Y when we started in October.

Reading back the old posts from October until today will also help readers traders to understand the multiple losing trades that we keep reminding all readers traders trade on technical indicators.