Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Indicator Y - Long 2137 Feels The Pressure

2345 may be really the top that the hourly indicator Y long 2137 had gone so far. The stop and reverse sell signal will probably be adjusted much faster from today onward and we will keep monitoring closely and more updates in coming sessions.

For 4pm, it may not turn sell yet even though cpo futures price may have going down lower than expected. 4pm last traded price can affect 5pm stop and reverse sell signal. From 2234 to 2288 will probably be the stop and reverse sell signal in next few trading sessions if cpo futures price can really tumble down.

If happen, readers traders should have realise what had been discussed in previous posts on the stop and reverse trade signal that give up a lot of floating profit. For example, say the hourly indicator Y only turn sell at low end at 2245, it is 100 points from the high 2345, can you feel the pain!