Monday, 3 November 2014

Indicator Y - Long 2137 Day 9 High 2329

The hourly indicator Y long 2137 is having its good profit riding on the uptrend reaching high 2329 this morning into the Day 9 since 21/10/2014. It is believed that the long 2137 will stay on later today in the afternoon trading sessions at 4pm, 5pm and even 6pm without taking into consideration of new higher high and lower low.

At close 2324 just now, the floating profit is now stood at 187 points or RM4,675.00 per contract size basis. It is just 8 points short from its 200 points profit level at 2337. The profit taking targets will is not following the hourly indicator Y trading guides, they are just belong to traders' own greed and fear. If greed overcome fear, traders will earn more now, but traders have fear more than greed may have taking some profit at much lower level as stated in previous posts.