Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Indicator Y - Long 2137 Day 11 At 1130am

Overnight soybean oil futures tumbled will probably make traders more nervous at opening. The hourly indicator Y will have a very high chance to do stop and reverse sell trade today especially after 1130am today.

It is believed that the long 2137 will still hold on at 1130am since the stop and reverse sell signal will not be triggered at 1130am based on the hourly indicator Y trading guides.

1230pm trade signal will be given after 1130am today and readers traders will have a chance to know whether there is a sell at 1230pm in advance.

For example, if 1130am write-up put the 1230pm SAR 2288 or lower, readers traders should be able to know that there will be a sell if cpo futures price is traded 2270 level in last few seconds before 1230pm, the hourly indicator Y will have to take profit and turn sell and hold on the short from that onward. This is because 2270 level is below the SAR 2288 that will trigger sell at 1230pm.