Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Indicator Y - Long 2137 Day 10 Top 2345

At high 2345, the hourly indicator Y long 2137 had reached 208 points of floating profit even though there is no sign of stop and reverse sell trade signal. With overnight soybean oil futures down 2%, it is the best time to see how low will the cpo futures prices go today from the high 2345 before the stop and reverse sell signal is triggered.

Traders who follow strictly on the hourly indicator Y will have to stand the pain when cpo futures price hit low far away from the high 2345 which did generate a very good floating profit at one time for the long 2137. For example, from the high 2345, how will you feel if cpo futures prices go to the low at 2295, 2245 or even lower before the hourly indicator Y turn sell, say, 2245, 2295 or even higher! In short, the volatility that stress you!

Fear and greed can really train you to be a discipline trader if you have successfully completed your "losing game". What you see now is a profit, you need to see where you stand when multiple losing trades strike you!