Thursday, 27 November 2014

Feel Free To Put Your Comments In The Survey Box

Thanks to all readers traders who have given your comments in the survey box. We can understand there is a possible urge to write more in your comments and you are actually allow to put in your comment again after submitting it in your first attempt.

Just feel free to write again and resubmit your comment in second or even third attempt as we will never disclose any of your comments to 3rd party or use the comments on any marketing purposes.

All we wish that you are sincerely to help up others to learn in writing down your comment in the survey box and telling us your views without worrying your grammatical errors so that we know to publish more good articles in CPO Futures blog in coming year 2015. 

Many successful traders in cpo futures have bad English but do well in trading cpo futures since all they need to know is buy or sell to make profits. 

We will take out the survey box on the 5th December 2014, next Friday. The summary of hourly indicator Y will be published in the last week of December 2014.