Thursday, 6 November 2014

40 Trading Days To Go

This year cpo futures trading day on Bursa Malaysia Derivatives will have about another 40 trading days left in record, readers traders should take note that the hourly indicator Y trading guides will basically appear for another 40 trading days as written in previous post (read the post at the learning corner on the right column).

No doubt the hourly indicator Y did its best for the past 10 months with accumulated profit 1113 points as at the last short 2254 and I will not know how will be the total profit or loss when the 40 trading days ends on 31st December 2014!

Based on the stop and reverse trades in October, we can assume that there will only 10 more stop and reverse trades in November and December if there is no multiple losing trades happened in this coming 40 trading days. If it does happen, the stop and reverse trades will go more than 10 trades and be ready to face losses that will eat in the 1113 points accumulated profits for the past 10 months!