Wednesday, 5 November 2014

101indicators On Futures Trading - 1000 Points

This is for those who purchased the 101indicators On Futures Trading book, short term technical trend trading based on the book on cpo futures hourly trading had generated 1000 points of gross profits since the beginning of this year as at 1130am on 05/11/2014 today. It should be more than enough to cover the purchase price and the cost of delivery!

However, remember the multiple losing trades that happened last month? 198 points of losses in 8 trades could kill any good trader who did over trade!

Even though the losses was 131 points at the end of last month as compared to 198 points when the 8 losing trades hit traders, the psychological trading momentum of a trader would still be affected if the trader did not have a good discipline on capital risk ratio management.

"It is better to read a book 100 times than read 100 books!" - trader's wisdom.