Thursday, 30 October 2014

Indicator Y - October Less Than 10 Points Profits?

The weak performance in the accumulated profit and loss for the month of October is based on the assumption that the long 2137 will be carried forward to the month of November and the profit will be only recorded in November, or in short, the trading profit and loss for the long 2137 will not be recorded in October.

Just check back all the updates in October, readers traders should be able to find that the gross accumulated profit was recorded at 14 points only. This is excluding the trading cost and bad filled prices that probably happened due to last seconds trades.

Unless the stop and reverse sell trade signal is triggered before the 6pm close tomorrow, we are expecting the accumulated profit in October will be less than 10 points per contract! (it is better to be under employment than to be a trader!!! This is not yet mentioned on when a trader is having bad months!!! No need to talk about good, it is better to talk about bad so that you are ready if you wish to be a trader.)