Friday, 31 October 2014

Indicator Y - Long 2137 Stop Loss 2237

This stop loss order at 2237 does not mean that it will be a loss against the long 2137 (it is so clear that the long is below the stop loss price!), it is a profit to protect the long 2137 for traders who do have fear, this stop loss is initiated without following the hourly indicator Y trading guides!

The stop and reverse sell trade signal is getting higher above the long 2137 but it is still far below the 2237 stop loss and the current closing price 2291. Therefore, it is believed that 4pm and 5pm hourly indicator Y will not have a stop and reverse sell trade today.

6pm update will be available in advance if there is a clear sign that the stop and reverse sell signal of hourly indicator Y above 2237; otherwise, it is meant that the hourly indicator Y trading guides will hold on its bullish view and cpo futures prices may go beyond 2300.