Friday, 24 October 2014

Indicator Y - Long 2137 Day 3

We will consider the hourly indicator Y long 2137 on 21/10/2014 as Day One of long, and it is Day 3 now which is believed that the long 2137 will continue its journey of up trend with the stop and reverse sell trade signal far below its long 2137. It will be very painful to see if cpo futures prices tumble down below its long 2137.

This is just a reminder to all technical trend traders following the hourly indicator Y, trend trading will always face with the problem of multiple losing trades when a market has gone into range trading. This year the hourly indicator Y may have less multiple losing trades do not mean that it will have the same next year. When multiple losing trades happen, it will be ugly to see but it is the best time to see also how can a trader handle such a trading pressure! Be frank, all technical trend indicators have such a problem - Multiple Losing Trades.