Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Indicator Y - Long 2137 At 5pm

After such a long waiting game seeing high 2192 and low 2104 using the hourly indicator Y trading guides, short 2172 had finally given up some good floating profits (which had been mentioned earlier) by taking profit and turning long 2137 at 5pm sharp. It is a profit of 35 ticks on this trade.

The long 2137 will have to cut loss turn sell if cpo futures price is closed below 2113 at 6pm today based on the hourly indicator Y without taking into any consideration of higher high or lower low data.

The accumulated loss of 21 ticks for October month has turned to profit 14 ticks now while its accumulated profits for year 2014 reaching 996 ticks so far based on the hourly indicator Y trading record.